3 December 2024 In-person, BMA House, London Driving real-world impact from health research

Sophie Cook

Editor in Chief - BMJ Medicine

Sophie is editor in chief of BMJ Medicine, head of clinical content at The BMJ and a general practitioner who trained and worked in the UK. Sophie has over 12 years of editorial experience at The BMJ where she ran the education and scholarly comment sections of the journal and worked as UK research editor. Sophie’s clinical interests are broad, but she is particularly passionate about improving the health of women and children, the effects of climate on health and promoting sustainable healthcare and the impact of social determinants of health. She has previously led The BMJ’s collections on climate actionuniversal health coverage and quality improvement in healthcare. Editorially, Sophie’s interests are improving diversity and inclusion in research and publication, minimising conflicts of interest, promoting partnership with patients and improving the dissemination of research.