3 December 2024 In-person, BMA House, London Driving real-world impact from health research

BMJ Research Forum – Driving real-world impact from health research

Driving real-world impact from health research

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Back for the third year and proudly brought to you by BMJ

The BMJ Research Forum is a one-day conference that brings together the medical research ecosystem to drive forward research impact.

During this year’s BMJ Research Forum we bring together experts from research funding organisations, policymakers, people with lived experience, research leaders and editors to discuss the big questions that cut across the medical research community.

The two focus points for this year’s event:

How data flows from patients and citizens to research and back to deliver benefits

How we formulate the building blocks of research – the research question – in the most equitable and comprehensive way

2023 Speakers

conference for healthcare research industry
support global research in health and care
health research strategies and best practices
conference on health research impact 2022

Network with leaders from the global research community

Connect and network in-person with health and research peers – including a networking event from 5pm on Tuesday 3 December where you can continue the conversation and make new connections

Highlighted programme sessions from 2023

Unifying health data in the UK
Mapping the flows of health-relevant data across the UK. How can this data be better managed to improve public health while maintaining privacy and trust?
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How does the diabetes research community get people living with diabetes what they need?
A research funder, a patient, a clinician, a researcher and a policymaker highlight the successes and challenges of bringing treatments, monitoring and cure to patients. What can those working in other disease areas learn from the progress that diabetes care and research have made? How can working across the ecosystem speed up access to the best treatments?
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Trust and transparency in the use of AI for Evidence synthesis
AI offers great potential for the generation of evidence, with machine learning tools and techniques being harnessed to speed up processes of literature review and synthesis. However, the latest innovations in this field, for example ChatGPT, mean that humans are increasingly being removed from the loop and the transparency of processes are more opaque. How far content is free from bias is harder to determine.
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Examining fast and flexible funding to accelerate and expand access to research funding
The panel session will explore current and future funding models that have the potential to accelerate and expand access to funding for research and innovation. The recent Independent Review of Research Bureaucracy recognised that although research bureaucracy has an important role in accountability, transparency, quality control, fairness, and safeguarding in the research system, bureaucracy in research currently goes beyond the essential and risks stifling innovation. .
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Meet the Funds and meet the Editors
BMJ are inviting representatives of research funding organisations and their own editors in chief from across our journals to make themselves available to delegates for short, individual conversations. This session gives participants an opportunity to ask the decision maker direct questions about how to best approach successful submissions – whether for funding or publication. A list of participants and further details of how to participate will be published before the event.
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I am delighted to attend this year's BMJ Research Forum that will bring together representatives of the entire health research ecosystem. We are delighted to be joined by Lucy Chappell, Chief Scientific Adviser of the Department of Health and Social Care, who will set the scene and help us understand what is needed for funders to support your research projects. Join us to be inspired, to network, and to learn how to make a real world impact with your research.
Kamran Abassi
Editor-in-Chief, The BMJ

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